Strictly address me as
Goddess Kitra

About Goddess Kitra

I’m a queen, in every sense of the word, and the BDSM realm is my Kingdom. My loyal subjects live to serve, and they’re so fortunate that they do. My style of play ranges from the adored highness to the feared tyrant. I’m adept in my abilities, allowing you to freely play out kinks and fetishes in ways that will surpass your wildest fantasies. Kink is a part of my identity, and allowing you into my world will enhance yours, with such versatility, mixing both pleasure and pain. As a natural dominant, I always get what I want. Stringing you around like a puppet, hanging you from my ropes and chains, and effortlessly bend to my will. “I want” will be words you’ll be accustomed to, and what I want you to give without hesitation. So are you ready to worship me? Are you ready to be the throne? My servant? My pet? My puppet to orchestrate? My little toy? Ready to serve my every desire as I expand yours? Are you ready to serve your Queen?

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